MOCAM  RCCTV – Still the best “Out of the Box” quick and MTS_Mocam_1easily deployable CCTV solution available today. The original Mocam RCCTV systems were installed in 2009 and continue to operate effectively.

Whatever your reason might be for considering the deployment of CCTV the Mocam RCCTV  supplied by  Mocam Technology Services is going to fit. A high quality vandal resistant day and night camera with 22 x zoom backed up with a built-in precision digital video recorder and various communication options to suit your needs.

The design of the Mocam RCCTV is simple and unobtrusive: it will fit snug to a pole. The included rear protection plate encloses and protects the power connection. The Mocam RCCTV blends neatly into any environment and can be supplied in various colour options if specified.

MTS_Mocam_Pole_MT“Out of the Box“ means the system comes complete just requiring a position to install, access to the position and a mains power connection. Bracket and security pole straps are provided together with tool (wall mounting options available). Plug it in and it is operational.

Wi Fi connection is standard so the Mocam RCCTV can be fully controlled from a computer with wireless connectivity. License free software is provided which allows many control operatives to have secured access with devices which include Tablet and Smartphone. Mobile phone networks can be incorporated as your primary remote communication link (3/4G, HSDPA, UMTS and GSM). Network charges will apply and can be provided by Mocam with competitive rates or simply arrange your own. Network charges can also be included in the capital cost for a predefined period.

MTS_Mocam_Corner_MTThe Mocam RCCTV can also be linked to any existing wireless network or one provided by Mocam Technology Service. 5GHz radio can provide links up to 20 kilometres distance and virtually live transmission. Not forgetting that the system could just be hard wired to your broadband connection if available.

A special features of the Mocam RCCTV  is the lightweight aluminium construction, 7 kilos in standard format with a unique bracket which enables speedy installation. Installing a bracket with mains power (115v/220v) supply to various locations allows the redeployment of the system in minutes. One Mocam RCCTV is all you need to start solving all your  problems.

• Camera
• Wi-Fi Unit
• Built in DVR
• Operating System
• Vandal Resistant Shell

• Law enforcement
• Military
• Industrial
• Commercial
• Airports
• Ports


• Quick and easy to install
• High quality video recorder
• 22 x zoom
• Vandal resistant
• Available in various
inconspicuous colours
• Built-in DVR (1 TB HD)
• Lightweight
• Wireless connectivity
• Smartphone synchronisation
• Secure 3/4G mobile network
• Bespoke configuration
• Day and night operations
• Short-term security deployment


3/4G – Mocam Technology Services provide high performance mobile network connections with secure VPN services.3/4G HSUPA with fall back to HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS in order of precedence which allows seamless connectivity dependent upon network coverage.
Wi-Fi - operate through wireless access point  802.11 b/g/n with security WEP
 encryption and automatic wireless channel selection.

Mocam Technology Services can arrange  integrated mobile network 3G/4G packages to suite each customer requirements.


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