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Mocam Technology Services is a leader in the provision specialized CCTV surveillance systems, combining the very latest wireless surveillance communications. We provide fixed and completely portable solutions which include the Mocam RCCTV, a mobile unit that delivers live images direct to a PC or laptop via the mobile and wireless networks. The Mocam RCCTV is a digital wireless CCTV system only requiring 240vAC electrical supply to provide area monitoring and surveillance.

Thee main applications the Mocam Apache systems are used for the prevention or identification of:

•             Threatening and abusive behaviour 
•             Violence and assault graff
•             Racial attacks 
•             Disorder and alcohol related activity
•             Business and retail damage 
•             Drug misuse 
•             Vehicle crime 
•             Fly-tipping
•             Damage to property (Graffiti) 
•             More recently in the UK Rioting

These are some of the most pressing issues faced by many councils and police forces throughout the UK today.

Crime and anti-social behaviour usually occur sporadically in areas not protected by fixed line CCTV systems. The Mocam RCCTV can be rapidly deployed to monitor crime hotspots and problem areas and can then be re located easily to another hotspot. Night_Time__in_the_Town

Quick and Easy to Install      

In Britain there is believed to be one camera for every 14 people. But most CCTV equipment is fixed in one place. Once you have installed a camera, and laid all the wires back to base, it is fixed and cannot move.

The Mocam RCCTV provides the solution - CCTV cameras without wires that can broadcast their pictures back to base by various wireless methods or simply store the data on board until it can be retrieved via a Wi Fi connection within approx. 100mtrs( line of sight). The user can sit in the comfort of a vehicle and control and monitor the system at ease and safely.

ASB_HandA major attraction in the solution offered by the Mocam RCCTV is the speed of installation and the absence of cabling. It is possible to put cameras exactly where they need to be rather than having to compromise on the location to suit the positions of cable ducts. It is also possible to place equipment where appropriate cable runs would not be practical. The systems are quick to install, highly responsive and economical.

There are a multitude of applications for the Mocam RCCTV which includes overt crime reduction, rapid deployment CCTV, covert surveillance, remote site and road traffic monitoring, anti-social behaviour,visual alarm verification and even antiterrorism.

The key advantage of a Mocam RCCTV compared with a fixed camera system is that if wireless, it doesn't have to stay in one place, so its deployment can be 'on demand' and flexible enough to deal with crimes and problems in certain areas directly at the times that yo need it. They are not restricted by distance and there are no geographical limitations. They can be checked and monitored from almost anywhere. They can be redeployed at will (Power supplies permitting) they are non- redundant.

Choice of Transmission Methods

The Mocam RCCTV can incorporate high-speed 3/4G mobile phone networks, and also offer a choice of other transmission methods or a combination to transmit images without the need for any fixed system other than a power source. Images and video can be transmitted direct to any PC,  laptop or Tablet pc with recorder as the built in Wi-Fi or Network connection facility enables the data to be downloaded to a laptop at the base of the camera avoiding traditional costs and inconvenience of providing access lift to the camera. The Mocam RCCTV allows viewing on site as well as remote monitoring from almost anywhere. Customers not only have the opportunity to monitor and review cameras live on site but also to have the system monitored remotely at other times. Remote access provides the ability to view any site from any location. This facility is particularly valuable for any manager who does not necessarily wish to visit sites but nonetheless needs to be able to observe progress or activity. The 3/4G connectivity requires a subscription for airtime.

Re-deployable CCTV

Mocam Technology Services offers the most portable CCTV system that can be remotely accessed. The mobile networks used by Mocam Technology Services offer both National and Global footprints which means that you can access live and recorded images from anywhere in the world without the need for a fixed line infrastructure. The Mocam RCCTV has been designed with a view to redeployment and therefore offers flexibility to the end user so that they are able to transfer the system quickly from location to location. 


The Mocam RCCTV system is simple to install for the installer end user. No prior installation experience is required to set up and operate the system. Once power is supplied and the cameras are plugged in the system is ready to both transmit and record and is immediately fully operational, all that needs to be done is set any camera pre-set and tours and you’re up  and running.

Remote interrogation of Wireless CCTV

A major benefit to police authorities, covert surveillance teams and local governments is the ability to review both live and recorded information from a safe location. The Mocam RCCTV reduces the need to constantly revisit the surveillance site and thus compromise the operation. All information can be accessed from any laptop or PC and downloaded via Wi Fi, or 3/4G HSDPA/HSUPA. Therefore intelligence can be gathered rapidly and shared within minutes of capturing an image or sequence of events.


Night_Street_SceneIn order for the apache system to be portable, re-deployable and multifunctional the system must offer a huge amount of flexibility. The system achieves this by offering integration with any industry standard CCTV camera from wireless pinhole cameras for the most sensitive of operations to fully functional dome cameras for city centre applications and pan and tilt mounted cameras for traffic management. Additionally internal and/or external housing options offer the ability to deploy in a number of  differing environments.

Working with Authorities

Mocam Limited work in close partnership with local government/police forces throughout the country to provide real solutions to address everyday problems. These have included: Barnsley MBC, Sanctuary Housing, South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council.
Mocam RCCTV currently provides both overt and covert systems to many local authorities; these systems are being deployed by various departments to deal with issues affecting today’s society. 
•             Community Safety 
•             Operational services 
•             Antisocial behaviour
•             Environmental health 
•             Housing 
•             Trading standards 
•             Traffic emergency planning 
•             Technical services 
We are constantly discovering new areas where mobile surveillance solutions can be of value. The Mocam RCCTV is ideal for use in crime hot spots where temporary monitoring is required, in areas with no access to a fibre optic network, or as an interim measure to provide security or surveillance cover until a fixed network is put in place. Or even as the best long term solution.

The Mocam RCCTV is not only  a valuable tactical weapon in the battle against anti-social behaviour, crime and terrorism! The Mocam RCCTV can be a useful tool in dealing with many issues that effect our lives.


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